The Brief Persistent

Novel briefs and writings of the OffTime

The Beginning

At some point, around six years ago, children everywhere began to get sick. Without warning, in a few weeks’ span, they all shriveled, from the Finns to the Malay. We eventually called this the scourge.   There’s always an event, isn’t there, that marks the end of a time, and this time for good. An eventContinue reading “The Beginning”

Talk talk

Offtime Unit 9 “It makes sense, Regina.” Agent Nesmith lobbed a solemn nod at her.  “You’ve been under tremendous stress, I know. There’s the testing, which would exhaust anyone, and you might think that anything you tell us could turn the tide in our research, or lead us into a dead end, and you don’tContinue reading “Talk talk”

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